Customer and third-party vetting is a critical step ahead of any type of transaction. The procedure should be airtight to avoid any exposure to compliance or reputational risks.

Our Know Your Customer (KYC) team manages high-volume KYC requests to provide valuable information on potential business partners and ensure our clients can proceed with all cards in hand.

We implement our process-driven and cost-effective engagement methodology to deliver best-in-class legal due diligence services to corporations and law firms worldwide.


The regulatory burden on companies keeps increasing and in-house teams often struggle to keep up.

Kalexius assists corporations manage this burden through tailored research and compliance services.

We provide operational support for high volume work – for example subject access requests or re-papering following changes in the regulatory environment.

We also provide niche legal research and regulatory mapping services to maintain the latest risk position across multiple jurisdictions globally.

Our on-shore and off-shore lawyers conduct legal research in a wide range of industries and jurisdictions across the globe. A trusted network of partner firms worldwide is used to provide local law advice and transactional support when needed.

With lawyers qualified in several jurisdictions, and speaking diverse languages, our teams have a strong sense of the international legal framework. We cover a broad range of regulatory and compliance requirements.

Data protection (CIPP certified lawyers in the US and Europe) and financial services are areas where we have high levels of expertise across both high volume and legal research work. We also undertake compliance work in the intellectual property space including trademark and domain name infringement.

We are experienced in outsourcing existing in-house legal research teams in order to provide savings and improve quality.

Contract Lifecyle Management

Kalexius provides commercial contracts management services to corporations to support them in a variety of scenarios and across different industries.

Our teams support in-house legal departments by drafting, negotiating and managing contracts.

OUTSOURCING | We outsource business as usual activities such as higher volume contract types which are transactional/lower value;

OWNERSHIP | We take ownership of high volume re-papering and remediation projects;

DATA | We administer large volumes of data in relation to an organization’s contracts.

Kalexius helps reduce the pressure on in-house legal departments from a workload perspective thanks to tailored solutions; we deliver high-quality work in a more cost-effective fashion than instructing law firms. We offer these services across both sales side and procurement side contracts.

Where required by the client, Kalexius offers full contract lifecycle management.

Case study

The client, a major player in the agri-food industry, was looking for extra resources to negotiate its sell and buy-side terms and conditions. Because the work was seasonal (October through May), hiring in-house made no sense. The work was being done by the existing in-house team who struggled to get the contracts ready in time. As a result, the business was unhappy about the lengthy contractual process.


  • Kalexius set up an offshore contract negotiation team supervised by an onshore lawyer. The solution was supported by an online contracts platform where the client could upload incoming agreements, track their progress and download the final versions.


  • We created metrics and made the contract negotiation cycle measurable, cost-effective and reliable, therefore taking pressure off the client's shoulders.


  • Kalexius drafted precise playbooks and training materials to enable the offshore team to manage most of the contract negotiation process. Thanks to this setup, the offshore team gained enough experience to manage the process with minimal supervision by onshore lawyers.
  • Through the online contracts platform, the client could visualize progress of all ongoing negotiations and intervene to change priorities or give additional instructions for specific counterparties.
  • Kalexius’ quality control program ensures consistent and reliable outcomes from year to year. Simultaneously, continuous improvement efforts have allowed the team to reduce contract cycle time further every year.

Restructuring & Transaction Support

Successful restructurings and post-M&A integration require strong expertise in managing large volumes of contracts and other legal documents.

Kalexius helps companies review and remediate legal documents en masse in relation to large-scale restructurings and post M&A integrations. Our expertise covers all types of projects, including:

  • Contract repaperings (e.g. novation projects);
  • Post M&A contract due diligence
  • Post M&A real estate due diligence
  • Post M&A corporate due diligence
  • Legal entity rationalization/reduction

We typically deploy teams of seasoned lawyers supported by data analysts, legal project managers and state-of-the-art technology to ensure reliable outcomes at a reasonable price point. Planning is essential in large-scale projects of this kind and we spend a lot of time understanding and addressing issues around data quality and process optimization. The combination of high-end legal expertise and data analysis capabilities produces exception results for large organizations in restructuring and post M&A integration projects.

Case study

The client needed to repaper 2000+ vendor agreements within a short period of time to reflect changes in its corporate structure. Given the context, the repapering exercise was expected to give rise to multiple renegotiation/update requests beyond the entity change.


  • Kalexius deployed an onshore team of lawyers supported by project management consultants and offshore delivery support coordinators. We devised a playbook and procedures focusing on ensuring quality while minimizing full contract renegotiation requests.


  • 80% agreements were repapered within the deadline, with the remainder being held up mostly by commercial/admin issues beyond our client’s control.
  • Full or partial renegotiation requests were kept below 20%.


  • Kalexius was given full control over the contract negotiation process. This was subject to final approval and escalation mechanisms in relation to high business impact issues.
  • The client allowed us to work from our systems and deploy our proprietary project management systems in order to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency.
  • We deployed our solid, practical approach to our legal project management. As a result, we avoided over-engineering and kept closely to our lawyers’ actual needs and understanding of project management.

IP / trademark management

Kalexius helps multinational corporations and IP services providers manage trademarks around the world.

We provide registration and renewal services as well as monitoring and acting upon trademark infringement across social media, domain names and websites.

Our Mauritius-based IP specialists team has extensive experience and a strong network of correspondents in virtually every jurisdiction to handle trademarks globally.

Case study

In the field of Intellectual Property law, it is crucial to keep up with several official deadlines to avoid any risk of losing trademarks or patents rights. Our client, a major IP Law Firm, had an important volume of work to deal with and tight deadlines. As a result, their experts were overloaded by several tasks and accumulated delays in some files.



  • To respond to this specific demand, Kalexius designed a solution at two levels, namely Operational and Strategic.

  • To address the Operational need of the client, Kalexius deployed a team of international legal entity management experts in the field of Intellectual Property Law to work as an extension of the client’s paralegal team. The team comprises both IP lawyers and IP paralegals, who work closely with the client’s IP departments.

  • The team was trained to integrate the client’s methods of work.

  • On the other hand, to address the Strategic need of the client, Kalexius’ Legal Operations Team implemented several key performance indicators (KPI) to measure value, demonstrating the efficiency of the Team.


  • The accumulated delays were recovered, and the team of experts assists the client in times of peak and acts as a support to ensure the smooth functioning of the operations.

  • The KPIs allow the client to have an objective overview of the Kalexius Team’s performance and enables to take strategic decisions.


  • With an extensive knowledge in both IP and tasks management, the Kalexius team was able to provide a high quality of service.

  • Kalexius integrated with the client’s organization and technology to avoid any disruption.

  • The client kept visibility on all operations performed by Kalexius through access to regular reporting.

  • Kalexius used its extensive experience in project management, process design and expertise along with technology to develop efficient processes that address internal stakeholders’ needs while minimizing operational disruption.

law firm services

Kalexius provides outsourcing and staffing services to law firms in the United States and Europe on a regular basis. We cover both project work (deploying a team for a specific period of time) and long-term engagements where law firms and other professional services providers outsource certain functions to us.

Case study

A major French law firm needed paralegal support for a high-profile M&A case.



  • Kalexius took over the management of a 500+ investors' database, reviewing the information provided by the client and tracking all changes. 
  • The team reviewed and finalized a series of key document templates ahead of a customized mail-out for e-signature.
  • The team extracted individual information from all signed documents for further mail-outs.
  • At the Client’s request, the Kalexius team was trained on their proprietary data management platform.


  • All essential documents were sent to investors and stakeholders within the appropriate timeframe leading to a successful completion of the project.


  • The Kalexius team set up a strict review and reporting process with daily updates on incoming data.
  • The team also formulated a series of recommendations to optimize existing review processes and improve the client's data management tool.

ad hoc engagements

In addition to the above, Kalexius can design and deliver legal outsourcing engagement in all areas of commercial activity. Multinational corporates and law firms sometimes have specific requirements that require an ad hoc combination of people, process and technology. We are always happy to look into these projects and have regularly come up with innovative and unique solutions for unusual and exceptional requirements.

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