Kalexius ranked by Chambers for the third year in a row

“We shouldn’t take things for granted – there is still much explaining to do in terms of how to leverage an ALSP and how both sides can benefit from a productive collaboration.”

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Can you save money through legal ops?

“Legal Operations specialists are to a lawyer what managers are to an artist. They let lawyers focus on their art and provide them with the support they need for outstanding results.” True or false?

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DEI in legal is taking too long

By analyzing the demographic changes of law firms for the previous 10 years provided in the 2021 NALP Report on Diversity, Danielle Okay shares fairly shocking projections.

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Kalexius discussion with Chris Fowler, GC for Technology, BT Group

“I see service providers as an extension of the legal department. To get the most out of it, you need a clear understanding of your workloads and a robust triage system in place.”

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What is an ALSP?

Concepts and acronyms used in legal ops can sometimes be confusing for those entering the field. Here’s a brief explanation of what an ALSP is and why you would use one.

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Kalexius discussion with Dennis Garcia, Assistant GC, Microsoft

“I believe that there are many opportunities for legal teams to ‘de-lawyer’ work in order to avoid doing ‘fake work’. In this way, they can free up time for complex, strategic and mission-critical work.”

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What does in-house Legal Operations encompass?

Over the last eighteen months the number of legal ops roles being advertised and appointed has trebled. However, these legal operations job roles vary significantly and what one person means by legal operations can be very different to what another means.

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Demonstrating the performance of in-house legal

While commercial lawyers will negotiate Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as part of their day job, many would prefer not to have them applied to themselves.

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Focus on Consero’s California legal ops forum

“Find legal ops champions throughout your company to bring about tangible change”

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