LINK Legal Innovators Network

Here’s to an exciting new adventure! We’re thrilled to be an inaugural partner of LINK (Legal Innovators Network), a community of forward-thinking in-house legal innovators …

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Discussion with Eric O’Donnell, Head of Legal Ops, TotalEnergies

“I think that legal operations is actually developing into a separate career altogether, away from a rotation. As long as you have a diverse skillset and an appetite for learning, you can excel in legal ops.”

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The role of derivatives in environmental protection

The derivatives market has a fundamental role to play and is a critical component of the successful transition to a greener economy.

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Six components of legal transformation

Consero Corporate Legal Ops Forum recap: identifying the six core elements required to shape legal transformation for in-house teams.

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Spotlight on LegalInnovators

#LegalInnovators conference takeaways: take a step back, communicate & show the value

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Legal tech & the legal ops narrative

Is Legal Technology dominating the legal ops narrative in a disproportionate way?

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EONIA and LIBOR contractual changes: the final countdown

In Europe, the European Benchmark Regulation (‘BMR’) has been the catalyst for major transition from the old regime of benchmarks towards new and alternative reference rates set to transform the finance industry.

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The Lawyer & the ALSP: a short tale

On the advice of the Legal Ops Manager, an in-house lawyer must decide whether to outsource a high-volume contract renegotiation project to an ALSP. What happens if he does? What if he doesn’t?

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White Paper | Managing legal entities in emerging markets

Whilst the principle of maintaining legal entities may seem simple, the process can vary significantly across emerging markets. Considerable fines and reputational damage are the likely fall out if entities are found to be non-compliant.

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