CLM Implementation: path to success in data migration (White Paper)

At Kalexius, we see an increase in the number of clients seeking support for the implementation of CLM systems and the need for a successful deployment.

The success of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) technology depends first and foremost on process, planning, and data quality.

Robust and meaningful data means that the system is reliable and that users can trust it for important legal and business decisions, which in turn fosters adoption throughout the organization.

Failed CLM projects are often due to promoters failing to grasp this basic insight and the importance of data quality at planning stage. There are difficult decisions to make around scoping, collection and extraction. In-house lawyers often have an intimate, almost intuitive, knowledge of their contracts and thus can underestimate the magnitude of the task ahead, which can delay or otherwise significantly impact deployment.

This White Paper is designed to address these risks by giving a step-by-step overview of the process for migrating data to a new CLM tool.

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