Corporate compliance concepts vary greatly across the world — Kalexius is unique in its ability to integrate entity management globally.

Our experts manage legal entity portfolios on behalf of company secretaries, in-house lawyers and law firms for a fixed fee. They ensure that entities remain in good standing at all times and implement changes to corporate structures on an on-going basis.

Our clients include large multinational corporations, SMEs and law firms. They all benefit from greater peace of mind for the treatment of their corporate entities, immediate and up-to-date access to their subsidiary information as well as increased scalability and cost savings.



We take on the work so you can focus on strategic matters. What does that mean?


You streamline all your communication channels through a sole conduit.

Kalexius acts as your registered agent and manages the relationships between clients and all relevant stakeholders, from local in-house teams and law firms to local auditors.


You transfer the burden of global entity management away from your team.

We work with legal teams to develop customized workflows best suited to your requirements and automated processes for a seamless delivery.


You track and monitor all entities at all times on a single platform.

Kalexius leverages state-of-the-art partner platforms as comprehensive data repositories and multi-feature entity management tools for a holistic view of entities across jurisdictions.


You work with one set of accurate, reliable and actionable data.




- Registered agent services -

- Annual review and maintenance -

- Filings -

- Board support -

- License management -

- Annual compliance calendar -

- Live dashboard with access to real-time entity status and progress monitoring -


- Incorporation / liquidation / registration -

- Board / Shareholders resolutions and meetings documents -

- Filing of amendments to corporate documents (e.g. articles of association, names, addresses, management, officers) -

- Document retrieval services -


- Corporate health checks -

- Legal entity reduction programs -

- Corporate governance due diligence -


- Seamless fusion of services and technology for optimal delivery -

- Multijurisdictional expertise with trusted global network -

- Customizable workflows through project management platform -


Kalexius has developed partnerships with hand-picked providers of state-of-the-art entity management technology. We leverage our partners’ platforms as comprehensive data repositories and multi-feature entity management tools for a holistic view of entities across jurisdictions.

Case studIES

The client needed a partner who could undertake a health check on their legal entities and also manage their legal entities in Africa year on year. The client wanted to explore a cost-effective solution, as opposed to hiring permanent resources in-house, while still retaining visibility of ongoing work.

  • Kalexius deployed a team of international legal entity management experts to work as an extension of the client’s legal team.
  • The team was comprised of both offshore and onshore resources, with one person working regularly from the client’s offices to ensure seamless integration with the in-house legal team.
  • The team leveraged Kalexius’ database of local laws in Africa and a network of local providers.
  • At the Client’s request, the Kalexius team utilized the client’s existing legal entity management tool.
  • The corporate health check project was tackled in under 3 months, identifying non-compliant entities and undertaking remedial work required.
  • The ongoing management of the African legal entities was provided at a cost which was c.30% below the historical cost of managing this in-house.
  • The Kalexius team leveraged their experience of managing legal entities in emerging markets such as Africa.
  • With good knowledge of the local laws and practices and close relationships with local providers, the Kalexius team was able to provide a better quality of service.
  • Kalexius integrated with the client’s organization and technology so as to avoid any disruption.
  • The client retained visibility of all operations performed by Kalexius through access to ongoing work items and regular reporting.
  • Kalexius leveraged technology and its extensive experience in project management, process design and international counsel management to develop lean and impactful corporate compliance processes that address internal stakeholders’ needs while minimizing operational disruption.
The client, a world leader in the travel industry, had grown quickly over the years with entities in 50+ jurisdictions globally but corporate entity management had failed to keep up. There was no system, no process and often no documentation in place.

  • Kalexius deployed a two-pronged strategy covering (i) a consulting phase to map the client’s structure, understand its needs and design the best solution including CLM software, internal processes and the right team and (ii) an implementation phase where Kalexius delivers ongoing corporate housekeeping services to the client.
  • The implementation phase consisted in leveraging (i) a dedicated, multi-shore Kalexius team, (ii) state-of-the-art entity software through our partner and (iii) continuously improving processes, including the coordination of local counsel and monitoring of local regulatory changes in all jurisdictions.
  • The client is fully compliant in all jurisdictions. Internal stakeholders (e.g. local managers) are engaged and actively take part in maintaining corporate compliance.
  • The Kalexius team was made fully responsible for corporate compliance throughout the client’s organisation while being entirely integrated with the client’s internal legal team.
  • Kalexius leveraged technology and its extensive experience in project management, process design and international counsel management to develop lean and impactful corporate compliance processes that address internal stakeholders’ needs while minimizing operational disruption.

Regulatory requirements: sample jurisdictions

Thanks to our network of local partners, we cover virtually every jurisdiction in the world.
Click on the list below to see requirements in each selected jurisdiction.

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Federal Decree-Law No.32 of 2021 on Commercial Companies


  • Annual accounts
  • Minutes of annual general meeting
  • Auditor’s and directors report

Not applicable

  • Reservation of the trade name
  • Application for incorporation
  • Memorandum of Association executed before a notary public
  • Copies of passports or corporate documents of shareholders and directors

Ordinary shareholders’ resolution


Company Law, No. 21 of 1997


  • Annual financial statements
  • Auditor’s report
  • Managing director’s report
  • Shareholders resolutions

Not applicable

  • Submit proposed name of entity for approval
  • Deposit letter of a bank in Iraq
  • Signed memorandum of association
  • Completed Registrar’s application
  • Copies of shareholders’ passports

Ordinary shareholders’ resolution (unless provided otherwise by company’s constitution)


Companies and Allied Matters Act, 2020 (Act No. 3 of 2020)


  • Audited financial statements
  • Annual return form - form CAC 19


  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Notice of address of the registered office
  • Statement containing the list of directors and forms of identification for directors and shareholders
  • Statement of authorised share capital signed by at least 1 director
  • Declaration for registration signed by a legal practitioner
  • Online incorporation form (forms CAC 1 and CAC 1.1)
  • Board of Directors resolution
  • Appointment of Director - form CAC 7
  • Removal of director - form CAC 7A


OHADA, Droit Commercial Général - Uniforming Act Relating to Commercial Law


  • Annual financial statements
  • Auditor’s report
  • Management report
  • Minutes of shareholders’ general meeting

Not applicable

  • Certified copy of signed articles of association by notary public
  • Minutes of initial shareholders’ meeting
  • Compliance declaration
  • Certificate of the bank regarding the funds for the share capital and the list of subscribers
  • Declaration regarding criminal records
  • Copy of directors’ IDs
  • Minutes of shareholders’ general meeting
  • Amended articles of association, if applicable
  • Copy of legal announcement
  • Declaration regarding criminal records
  • Copy of director’s ID
  • Certificate of registration of the entity, if the director is a legal entity


Companies Act 71 of 2008

Board of directors

  • Audited financial statements
  • Annual return

Mandatory for a public company

  • Name reservation
  • Memorandum of Incorporation signed by every founders
  • Notice of Incorporation (CoR14.1)
  • Certified identity document of the directors and incorporators
  • Notice of shareholders’ meeting
  • Shareholders’ meeting resolution
  • Notice of change of Director (form CoR 39)


General Companies Law


  • Financial statements
  • Board of directors’ company report

Not applicable

  • Filing of executed articles of Association
  • Legal announcement notice (for some companies)
  • Majority of members of the Board residents of Argentina

Filing of minutes of shareholders’ meeting approving the change


Brazilian Civil Code and Law No. 6.404/1976


  • Filing of the shareholders’ meeting minutes
  • Annual financial statements

Not applicable

  • Filing of executed Articles of Incorporation
  • For Corporations, filing of the minutes of the shareholders’ meeting and payment of at least 10% of the initial capital
  • All directors shall be Brazilian citizens or resident in Brazil
  • Shareholders not resident in Brazil must appoint a representative residing in Brazil

Filing of minutes of shareholders’ meeting approving the change


General Law on Commercial Companies


  • Financial statements
  • Minutes of shareholders’ meeting signed by president and secretary of the meeting
  • Management report
  • Auditor’s report (if applicable)

Not applicable

  • Request of use of corporate name to Ministry of Economy
  • Articles of association/By laws, signed before a notary

Shareholders' meeting minutes


French Commercial Code


  • Management Report
  • Inventory and annual accounts
  • Minutes of shareholders’ general meeting
  • Statutory auditor’s report, if applicable

Not applicable

  • Articles of association
  • Minutes of Board of Directors’ meeting appointing a President if applicable
  • Certificate of the bank regarding the funds for the share capital and the list of subscribers
  • Proof of address for the company
  • Copy of legal announcement
  • Copy of director’s ID
  • Declaration regarding criminal records
  • M0 form
  • Minutes of shareholders’ general meeting
  • Amended articles of association, if applicable
  • Copy of legal announcement
  • Declaration regarding criminal records
  • Copy of director’s ID
  • Certificate of registration of the entity, if director is a legal entity
  • M3 form


Luxembourg Commercial Companies Act


  • Minutes of shareholders’ general meeting
  • Notice of meeting and attendance sheet
  • Management Report
  • Inventory and balance sheet
  • Statutory auditor’s report, if applicable

Not applicable

  • Constitutive instrument signed in the presence of a notary
  • Details of each founders
  • Details of every asset being brought to the company
  • Blocking certificate issued by the bank (share capital)
  • Official publication of deed of incorporation

General meeting of shareholders


Commercial Companies Code of 15 September 2000


  • Annual Financial Report
  • Management Report
  • Supervisory Report (If applicable)
  • Auditor’s Report (If applicable)
  • Minutes of meeting drafted and signed by a notary public
  • Form KRS ZN - submission of financial statement

Not applicable

  • Articles of Association drafted and signed by a notary public
  • Payment of share capital
  • Application form KRS W3 or KRS W4 signed by the members of management board
  • Registration of company in the Court & Business Gazette
  • Shareholder resolution
  • Form KRS ZI - notice of change of director


Swiss Civil Code of Obligations 1911


  • Shareholders resolution
  • Annual Reports prepared by the Board of Directors

Not applicable

Articles of amendment signed before a notary, who files all required documentation with the Registry of commerce. For some companies, incorporation is done in person.

  • Written, dated and signed request by 1 or 2 directors authorized to represent the company
  • Minutes of general meeting appointing new directors
  • Letter of acceptance of their mandate signed by new directors
  • Copy of valid ID
  • Legalization of signature of the new directors
  • Resignation Letter / Notice from the outgoing director


Law on Joint Stock Companies
Law on Limited Liability Companies


  • Confirmation statement on ownership structure and ultimate beneficial owners
  • Report to the securities commission (Joint-stock companies)
  • Annual general meeting to approve annual financial statements
  • Filing Financial Statements to State Statistics Authorities (for limited liability companies)

Not applicable

  • Charter of the company
  • Minutes of incorporation meeting
  • Application form signed by founders
  • Information about ultimate beneficial owner(s)

Shareholders, or supervisory board if the company has one


Companies Act 2006


  • Confirmation statement
  • Annual accounts (signed by directors)

Mandatory for public companies

  • Memorandum of association
  • Articles of association
  • Application to register a company (form IN01 or online)
  • Shareholders resolution appointing new director
  • Specific form (AP01 or AP02)
  • Confirmation of consent to act as a director


  • Canada Business Corporations Act (Federal)
  • Provincial legislation


  • Comparative financial statements
  • Report of the auditor (if any)
  • Any further information related to the financial position of the company as required by the articles, the by-laws or any shareholder agreement
  • Annual return

Not applicable

  • Signed Articles of Incorporation
  • Notice of Registered Address form
  • Notice of Directors form
  • Under some statutes: 25% of directors must be resident in Canada
  • Removal/appointment of directors: by way of an extraordinary meeting of shareholders
  • File Notice of Change of Directors within 15 days


Delaware General Corporation Law


  • Stockholder annual meeting or written resolutions
  • Filing of an annual return

Mandatory for every corporation

File Certificate of Incorporation, including:

  • name
  • registered address
  • nature of business
  • class of stock
  • name & mailing address of incorporators
  • powers of incorporators
  • list of directors
  • provisions to managing the business
  • Written consent of Board of Directors
  • No filing is required (any change is mentioned in the Annual Return that is required to be filed annually)


Corporations Act 2001


  • Annual confirmation of details
  • Financial statements (for some companies)
  • Annual financial report (for some companies)
  • Directors’ report
  • Auditors’ report

Not applicable

  • File an application with ASIC in prescribed form (Form 201)
  • Constitution
  • Minimum one or two directors residing in Australia
  • Consent form to act as director
  • Form 370: removal of directors
  • For appointment: Change to company details online form
  • Letter of resignation or retirement of director


Company Law of the People’s Republic of China


  • Annual report
  • Minutes of shareholders' meeting
  • Financial statements

Not applicable

  • Application for registration of the company’s name
  • Application for registration of the company
  • Minutes of constitution meeting;
  • Articles of association
  • Details of directors, supervisory committee, legal representatives
  • Application for Business License

Shareholders' meeting minutes


Companies Act, Act No. 86 of 2005


  • Financial statements
  • Auditor’s report
  • Directors’ business reports
  • Annual shareholders’ meeting minutes
  • Published notice of financial statements (unless exempted)

Not applicable

  • Articles of Incorporation (including details of every shareholder, property assigned to the company, compension/special benefits, expenses of incorporation) certified by a public notary
  • Registration with Legal Affairs Bureau

Shareholders’ resolution


Companies Act Chapter 50

Directors and Shareholders

  • Annual return
  • Appointing an auditor
  • Audited financial statements
  • Minutes of shareholders’ annual meeting
  • Filing of financial statements with ACRA


  • Application for company name
  • Online application to ACRA (including details on registered address, share capital, shareholders, directors and company secretary)
  • Constitution of the company
  • Payment of fees
  • Form 45/Form 45 B signed by each director/secretary
    √ At least 1 director with residence in Singapore
  • Shareholders’ general meeting minutes
  • Notice of changes through the business filing portal of ACRA


BVI Business Companies Act (Revised 2020) as amended by BVI Business Companies (Amendment) Act, 2023

Director or Registered Agent

Annual Return


  • Articles and Memorandum of Association
  • Name reservation
  • Incorporation form: R101
  • Signed document of the authorised agent
  • Directors’ acceptance letter
  • Share certificate
  • Articles and plan of consolidation
  • Notarized passport copies
  • Bank statements of beneficial owners

Special shareholder's resolution (unless provided otherwise by the company's memorandum of articles


Companies Act (2023 Revision)

Secretary or Manager or Directors

Annual Return (exempted companies and associations not for profit)

Not applicable

  • Company name reservation
  • Signed Articles and Memorandum of Association in the presence of at least 1 witness
  • Consent form signed by directors
  • Beneficial ownership information
  • Letter of resignation from resigning director
  • Directors or shareholders resolution
  • Update register of directors and officers, and report changes to General Registry


Companies Law 1991
Financial Services (Disclosure and Provision of Information) (Jersey) Law 2020

Directors or Company Secretary

  • Accounts - signed by the directors
  • Submission of annual confirmation statement (from 2021)
  • Statement containing intended registered address


  • Online application
  • Memorandum and articles signed by all founders
  • Statement authorising an agent (if any)
  • Certified proof of ID and address of every beneficial owner and director

Ordinary resolution


Companies Act 2001


  • Audited financial statements
  • Annual return


  • Signed application for incorporation
  • List of all directors/secretary
  • At least 1 or 2 directors residing in Mauritius (depending on entity set up)
  • Notice for name reservation
  • Proposed constitution
  • Incorporation form: S23-F1
  • Ordinary Shareholder's resolutions;
  • Form 16 Notice of Appointment;
  • Form 17 Notice of Cessation to Hold Office as Director;
  • Letter to The Corporate and Business Registration Department for the change of directorship.

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