Our KYC & Integrity practice supports clients with a wide range of needs including third-party integrity management, KYC / due diligence and internal investigations services.

Third-party integrity management

Our clients face several challenges in managing their third-party risks, from corruption, to financial crime, to human rights or other SDG-related issues. To address these risks, we design specific processes seamlessly integrated in our clients’ operations.

case study


A major commodity trading company wished to outsource its third-party due diligence process in order to free up time for its in-house compliance team. Kalexius designed an updated process and deployed a team of 6 FTEs to operate the client’s third-party due diligence process as an outsourced service.



The client achieved significant cost savings on third party management while freeing up time for its compliance team to focus on their core activities.

Kalexius cleared the existing backlog and implemented an annual review of all relevant relationships in order to maintain compliance on an ongoing basis.


An international member-based organization needed to improve the granularity of its visibility on sanctions regimes impacting its stakeholders (individuals and legal entities). Kalexius’ expert re-designed the on-boarding and continuous monitoring processes for stakeholders by incorporating detailed sanctions-checks.


The new process had limited impact on operations while adding little to no cost to the existing transaction flows.

The organization was able to isolate its exposure to sanctions regimes as they were updated, on a real time basis, taking informed decisions, managing its relationships both compliantly and strategically.



Customer and third-party vetting is a critical step ahead of any type of transaction – the procedure should be airtight to avoid any exposure to compliance or reputational risks. Our Know Your Customer (KYC) team manages high-volume KYC requests to provide valuable information on potential business partners and ensure our clients can proceed with all cards in hand. Where further insights are required, we collaborate with our enhanced due diligence partner Swiss Forensic & Compliance (SFC).


Improvised investigations expose organizations to further risks of non-compliance and reputation damage. Hence, internal investigations policies, processes and approaches need to be defined before allegations or suspicions are raised. The investigation process needs to be seemingly integrated with the whistleblowing process.




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