"The first reaction to tech should be reflecting on how it should be used"

Focus on Swiss LegalTech Association‘s Legal Innovation 22

Sandra Chami and Nicolas Leroux were delighted to see so many brilliant legal innovators gathering in Zürich for the SLTA conference. This only confirms Switzerland’s tremendous potential to become a global legal tech hub – as underlined in the panel with Stephen Allen, FRSA, Christiane Müller-Haye, Jean-Marc Ueberecken, Arthur Sauzé and Christoph Küng.

It sounds harsh but in-house legal teams are no longer ‘special’ and from now on, they will be treated just as any other business function. This means new expectations of reporting, accountability and tracking. 

Legal has yet to catch up with other business units on many fronts. This can only be done through innovation, innovation and more innovation.

Cost predictability is often more important than costs themselves. A large part of legal work can be anticipated, structured and budgeted for, a much more secure way to stick to budgets. 

The perfect technology does not exist (yet?). The legal tech boom is bringing a plethora of solutions but none of them will be helpful without a good understanding of issues and objectives.

Comment optimiser les compétences des collaborateurs ? En externalisant ! Il s’agit de permettre aux juristes internes de se focaliser sur leurs missions stratégiques et de confier le secrétariat juridique de sociétés à un prestataire spécialisé.

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