"Diagnosing the legal department"

Focus on CLOC’s EMEA Summit

Valériane Oreamuno and Morgini Ramen traveled to London for CLOC EMEA last week to catch up with the Legal Ops community, with memorable contributions from keynote speakers Kjell A Nordström and Andrew Perlman, productive workshops and non-stop networking.

Our takeaways:

📢 Communicate, communicate, overcommunicate: be repetitive until everybody gets you and don’t be wary of repetitive questions. If people have questions, it means that they are interested in your ideas.

🎓 Education never stops. With the overwhelming presence of AI in every discussion, it’s more important than ever to educate ourselves, try, test, observe and identify the useful from the superfluous. It is our responsibility to be curious.

💻 Generative AI requires vigilance. Tools such as ChatGPT can be confident gaslighters and sometimes border on creative hallucinations! Our duty is to check and verify the statements.

🤸‍♀️ Agility is key. It means knowing what you don’t know, taking the time to plan and initiate before jumping into execution

👉 Reactive & proactive: success in legal operations is a balance between responding to current issues and anticipating future challenges. It’s also about taking the legal department from being a simple cost center to a value driver in the organization.

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