"Corporate governance beyond the parent: effectively managing subsidiaries"

Focus on marcus evans’ GC Summit

 Kalexius was Dallas-bound last week to meet up with the Marcus Evans GC community. Nicolas Leroux, Michaëlla Moongen and Daniel Kotsides, JD were on site to discuss best practice and new approaches to entity management.

A few takeaways from our session:

1️⃣ Domestic and international entities bring their own set of distinct challenges. It’s essential to understand the different approaches to entity management depending on the region or jurisdiction.

2️⃣ Consideration before creation: how can you optimize your portfolio? More entities means more cost, more compliance risks, more complexity internally. In some jurisdictions, alternatives to subsidiaries might make more sense.

3️⃣ The art of data management: is your data clean, up-to-date and actionable? The loss, overload or lack of data can have a significant impact of your ability to keep your entities in good standing.

4️⃣ How do you manage BaU in entity management? Navigating an ever-expanding list of stakeholders and accessing required information can seem like an uphill battle. Make sure you centralize all info, understanding local requirements and outsource the work!

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