Answer: everything.

In order to begin the transformation journey, there’s a need to gather data about your current situation before comparing alternate delivery models.

The assumption is often that you need tech in order to provide data. Implementing tech usually requires resources and money – but how do you write the business case when you don’t have the data?

Even if a tech business case is signed off, how long will it take to procure, implement and reach full user adoption? Then, provided you’ve correctly identified where tech is needed, (bought tech that actually works), and are not just using the old delivery model via the new tech – then you are on the path to real transformation.

There is another way though….a more agile approach is to take a snapshot of the legal function right away.

By using existing tools and working with line managers and stakeholders, it is possible to gather a point in time view of workload, structure, spend and internal client satisfaction. From this fast-start baseline, alternative delivery models can be appraised and implemented.

Kalexius offers consulting services to in-house legal teams who would like to begin their transformation journey now.

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