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The regulatory burden on companies keeps increasing and in-house teams often struggle to keep up.

Kalexius assists corporations manage this burden through tailored research and compliance services.

Our on-shore and off-shore lawyers conduct legal research in a wide range of industries and jurisdictions across the globe.  A trusted network of partner firms worldwide is used to provide local law advice and transactional support when needed.

With lawyers qualified in several jurisdictions, and speaking diverse languages, our teams have a strong sense of the international legal framework. We cover a broad range of regulatory and compliance requirements.

Data protection (CIPP certified lawyers in the US and Europe) and financial services are areas where we have high levels of expertise across both high volume and legal research work. We also undertake compliance work in the intellectual property space including trademark and domain name infringement.

We are experienced in outsourcing existing in-house legal research teams in order to provide savings and improve quality.

Case studies

A Fortune 500 company had a specific requirement to conduct legal research on an ongoing global basis. The existing team was dispersed across the world and had grown haphazardly over the years, always in emergency mode. As a result, research methodologies were not consistent while the team made excessive use of outside counsel and morale was low.


The company engaged Kalexius for an initial audit of the research function. As part of this audit, we conducted workshops, mapped requirements and processes, reviewed expenses and produced detailed recommendations to improve structures and methodologies.

The company then transferred the entire team to Kalexius and the team is now a service provider to the client.


Thanks to a more efficient process, quality and turnaround times improved and the team morale increased significantly.
Overall costs also went down by 20%.


Kalexius was given full access during the audit phase and then full responsibility for delivering the research service as an outsourced provider.

All employees were rebadged as Kalexius staff, which allowed us to fully implement our vision, corporate culture and process-driven approach to the service.

The client partners had previous experience running outsourced programs with IT and other providers. This experience was invaluable in creating a positive, can-do attitude in all interactions and improve the research process.

A large Swiss company had called upon a Big 4 consultancy to design its GDPR compliance program but implementation was lacking/non-existent.



The company engaged Kalexius to implement the compliance program. As a first step, we deployed a team of legal and IT consultants to the client’s headquarters to engage each and every stakeholder in the organization. The aim was to deliver full implementation of the program over a short period of time (6 months).



The company is now GDPR compliant. Since the, Kalexius has provided ongoing support to address GDPR requests and to review the existing framework on a regular basis.



Kalexius used a hands-on, practical approach to implementing the compliance program.

We focused on engaging reluctant stakeholders by focusing on the program’s benefits for the organization and we deployed an effective project management framework to track and ensure that progress was made.

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