Regulatory mapping

The regulatory burden on companies keeps increasing and in-house teams often struggle to keep up.

Kalexius assists corporations manage this burden through tailored research and compliance services.

We provide operational support for high volume work – for example subject access requests or re-papering following changes in the regulatory environment.

We also provide niche legal research and regulatory mapping services to maintain the latest risk position across multiple jurisdictions globally.

Our on-shore and off-shore lawyers conduct legal research in a wide range of industries and jurisdictions across the globe. A trusted network of partner firms worldwide is used to provide local law advice and transactional support when needed.

With lawyers qualified in several jurisdictions, and speaking diverse languages, our teams have a strong sense of the international legal framework. We cover a broad range of regulatory and compliance requirements.

Data protection (CIPP certified lawyers in the US and Europe) and financial services are areas where we have high levels of expertise across both high volume and legal research work. We also undertake compliance work in the intellectual property space including trademark and domain name infringement.

We are experienced in outsourcing existing in-house legal research teams in order to provide savings and improve quality.

Case study

A Fortune 500 company required specific new research across worldwide jurisdictions on a regular basis as well as the update of its legal database. When reaching out to Kalexius, the client wanted to increase the team’s efficiency while bringing down the costs of outside counsel. The existing team was spread across the world, in different time zones.



  • Kalexius was initially engaged to run an internal audit of the legal research function. As part of the audit, Kalexius conducted workshops, mapped requirements and processes, reviewed expenses and produced detailed recommendations to improve existing structures and methodologies.

  • Further to the audit, the client decided to transfer the existing team to Kalexius.

  • The team works hand in hand with the client’s teams to provide the best service.

  • At the Client’s request, the Kalexius team worked directly on the client’s platform and leveraged Kalexius’ project management tool to increase its efficiency.

  • A quality assurance plan was designed with the client to monitor quality and improve the level of service.


  • Building on the team members’ expertise, Kalexius grew the team and has been a service provider to the client for years.

  • Kalexius worked on new processes, which included documenting legal research and legal update work in order to increase transparency and capacity planning. This resulted in an increase to the team’s efficiency: turnaround time for new legal research became predictable and the team is able to work under less pressure, which has a positive impact on team morale.

  • The legal research and legal update methodology was reviewed in order for the team to retain control of the product delivered. This led to a significant drop of outside counsel costs. 

  • The client has access to the team’s work schedule, providing visibility on the progress of the work and allowing for an easy scheduling of future assignments.


  • Kalexius was given full access during the audit phase and then full responsibility for delivering the research service as an outsourced provider.

  • All employees were rebadged as Kalexius staff, which allowed us to fully implement our vision, corporate culture and process-driven approach to the service.

  • The client partners had previous experience running outsourced programs with IT and other providers. This experience was invaluable in creating a positive, can-do attitude in all interactions and improving the research process.

  • Kalexius integrated with the client’s organization and technology so as to avoid any disruption.

  • The client retained visibility of all operations performed by Kalexius through access to ongoing work items and regular reporting.

IP / trademark management

Kalexius helps multinational corporations and IP services providers manage trademarks around the world.

We provide registration and renewal services as well as monitoring and acting upon trademark infringement across social media, domain names and websites.

Our Mauritius-based IP specialists team has extensive experience and a strong network of correspondents in virtually every jurisdiction to handle trademarks globally.

Case study

In the field of Intellectual Property law, it is crucial to keep up with several official deadlines to avoid any risk of losing trademarks or patents rights. Our client, a major IP Law Firm, had an important volume of work to deal with and tight deadlines. As a result, their experts were overloaded by several tasks and accumulated delays in some files.



  • To respond to this specific demand, Kalexius designed a solution at two levels, namely Operational and Strategic.

  • To address the Operational need of the client, Kalexius deployed a team of international legal entity management experts in the field of Intellectual Property Law to work as an extension of the client’s paralegal team. The team comprises both IP lawyers and IP paralegals, who work closely with the client’s IP departments.

  • The team was trained to integrate the client’s methods of work.

  • On the other hand, to address the Strategic need of the client, Kalexius’ Legal Operations Team implemented several key performance indicators (KPI) to measure value, demonstrating the efficiency of the Team.


  • The accumulated delays were recovered, and the team of experts assists the client in times of peak and acts as a support to ensure the smooth functioning of the operations.

  • The KPIs allow the client to have an objective overview of the Kalexius Team’s performance and enables to take strategic decisions.


  • With an extensive knowledge in both IP and tasks management, the Kalexius team was able to provide a high quality of service.

  • Kalexius integrated with the client’s organization and technology to avoid any disruption.

  • The client kept visibility on all operations performed by Kalexius through access to regular reporting.

  • Kalexius used its extensive experience in project management, process design and expertise along with technology to develop efficient processes that address internal stakeholders’ needs while minimizing operational disruption.

law firm services

Kalexius provides outsourcing and staffing services to law firms in the United States and Europe on a regular basis. We cover both project work (deploying a team for a specific period of time) and long-term engagements where law firms and other professional services providers outsource certain functions to us.

Case study

A major French law firm needed paralegal support for a high-profile M&A case.



  • Kalexius took over the management of a 500+ investors' database, reviewing the information provided by the client and tracking all changes. 
  • The team reviewed and finalized a series of key document templates ahead of a customized mail-out for e-signature.
  • The team extracted individual information from all signed documents for further mail-outs.
  • At the Client’s request, the Kalexius team was trained on their proprietary data management platform.


  • All essential documents were sent to investors and stakeholders within the appropriate timeframe leading to a successful completion of the project.


  • The Kalexius team set up a strict review and reporting process with daily updates on incoming data.
  • The team also formulated a series of recommendations to optimize existing review processes and improve the client's data management tool.

ad hoc engagements

In addition to the above, Kalexius can design and deliver legal outsourcing engagement in all areas of commercial activity. Multinational corporates and law firms sometimes have specific requirements that require an ad hoc combination of people, process and technology. We are always happy to look into these projects and have regularly come up with innovative and unique solutions for unusual and exceptional requirements.





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