In spite of the volume of articles, posts, podcasts and webinars focusing on how to ensure CLM success, it seems like many companies still struggle to get it right.

Given all the information available, why the ongoing need to refine, unwind/rewind and relaunch the CLM tools?

A few quick ideas based on Nikki Frankel Rahimzadeh’s recent discussions and observations:

🔀 Vendors have great salespeople who may be disconnected from end-users or the utilization of the tool. Regardless of features and options, the tools don’t always translate to your instance and implementation.

▶ Buyers are sold solutions that their companies are not actually ready for.

⏫ Lack of sufficient change management, training, and communications! Leadership support at the top doesn’t cascade in a meaningful and actioned way.

Where do you go from here?

🤝 Make sure you are connected with the right people to help you design and implement. This typically won’t be the salesperson who did the demo or sold it to you – so make sure you are comfortable with the team that is actually doing the work with/for you after you’ve made the purchase.

👌 No matter how ready you think you are, connect with internal stakeholders at all levels and across functions. If they’re not ready, the company isn’t ready, and you’re not ready (no matter how “ready” you individually may be).

😊 Even when we automate processes and systematize work, there are still humans at the center. Spend as much time thinking about them and working with them as you spend writing and reviewing test scripts, sitting through system demos and scoring RFPs. Don’t make the human component of real CLM an afterthought!


Nikki Rahimzadeh

Nikki Rahimzadeh

Head of Consulting
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