Spotlight on an excellent panel discussion at the Legal Innovators conference where I got to share tangible examples on the value of ALSPs for in-house legal departments.

What's next for General Counsels?

 👉 Take a step back
Look at what you have and what you do so you can decide what your requirements are. Yes, it’s time-consuming and yes, it feels you’ll never have time to do it but it needs to happen nonetheless.


👉 Communicate
Change management is key to get your team onboard. It can be tricky to get lawyers excited about target operating models and process improvement but it can be done!


👉 Show the value
What’s good for an ALSP is good for your company. From efficiency gains to better morale, higher retention rates or professional development opportunities, the benefits for in-house teams are more varied than you may think.

My sincere thanks to Richard Tromans and Artificial Lawyer for a truly enjoyable conference and to fellow speakers Rosa Espín, Maurus Schreyvogel, Nigel Rea and Tom Rayson for a lively exchange of ideas.

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