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Focus on IQPC Exchange‘s Corporate Counsel & Compliance Exchange in London.

I had the pleasure of chairing an excellent panel in London last week, looking at how to take a holistic view of legal departments to establish a legal ops strategy. Here a few takeaways from the discussion with Mipe Okunseinde, Warda Allaoua, and Lucy Bond.

Don’t skip any steps: the very first thing to do is to look at roles and responsibilities within the team.

Taking a holistic view doesn’t mean looking solely at the legal department. It means looking at the big picture and understanding the legal department within the broader company.

Don’t rush: take time to observe the development and evolution of relationships within the team and throughout the company, identifying the relevant stakeholders within all business units.

People come first: you can only get buy-in from the team if you understand what they care about and what motivates them. Get some quick wins early to bolster confidence and trust in your long term plan.

Process comes second: implementing tech on wobbly workflows is a waste of time and money. Make sure you have mature and efficient workflows before automating them.


Nicolas Leroux

Nicolas Leroux

Chief Executive Officer
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