Financial services

Our lawyers and consultants have developed integrated solutions that support financial services bodies and market participants in relation to both BAU work and project work.

Our clients include all types of financial institutions, from major banks to asset managers and insurance companies.

We help clients navigate the new regulatory environment and address the aggressive timescales and sheer volume of work required to comply with the new regulations (IBOR, MIFID II, EMIR, etc.) by providing end-to-end negotiation and project management support for repapering and remediation.

In relation to BAU work, we can deploy managed teams onsite and offsite. We implement our best shoring strategy to reduce costs and deliver high-quality, flexible services from our various locations.

We rely on a unique blend of senior legal expertise and first-class onshore and offshore delivery capabilities as well as cutting-edge IT and project management expertise to deliver our services.

In addition to a varied capital markets expertise, we have in-depth experience in relation to master agreements for financial services institutions (ISDA, FBF, DRV, GMSLA, GMRA and EMA).

Case studies

A client needed to renegotiate and execute 1000+ contracts (OTC derivatives collateral agreements) within a short regulatory deadline.



Kalexius deployed a team of 11 FTEs including Subject Matter Experts (attorneys with 20+ years of expertise in the field), senior lawyers, junior lawyers and paralegals - based onshore and offshore (London & Mauritius).

The project was fully planned and managed by Kalexius via a dedicated Project Manager.

The team leveraged the technology developed by the client (matter + workflow management).



The client’s business went on without any interruption as the contracts were ready for trading within the regulatory deadline.



Flexibility: The client saw gradual ramp-up and ramp-down of resources, from a couple of hours of work per month to 11 FTEs during the peak period.

Project Management: Thanks to Kalexius’ expertise ensured deadlines were met and client was kept up to date on progress status at all times.

Compliance: A jointly developed Playbook and rigorous Quality Control ensured strict adherence to the regulatory framework and minimum involvement from the client’s own resources.

Cost savings: The client saved 30 to 40% against an internal ramp up solution (fixed-term employees).

A client’s in-house contract negotiation team was dismantled due to a group-wide voluntary redundancy scheme and needed to be replaced.



Kalexius deployed a bespoke team of 5 FTEs to address the Client’s BAU contract negotiation requirements.

The team included a Subject Matter Expert (attorney with 20+ years’ experience in the client’s industry) and a project manager during the build phase, then a team leader and junior lawyers.

The team is based at client site onshore and Kalexius site offshore, leveraging Kalexius’ offshore footprint.



Our solution led to a 30/40% cost savings for the client versus the cost of an in-house team.

The client stated that the quality and the turnaround times improved with the new Kalexius team compared to the previous in-house team.



Quick implementation: Kalexius resources stepped in with no transition period from the incumbent team. Despite the extensive work scope, the Kalexius team of 5 FTEs was fully operational in under 4 months.

Seamless services: the Kalexius team works as an extension of the client’s in-house team. The client’s general counsel can focus on core missions as Kalexius takes ownership of team training, resource management and retention as well as providing seamless service in the event of turnover.

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