We challenge deeply held assumptions about law departments to build innovative and agile solutions that deliver real business impact.

We use permanent teams comprised of former in-house lawyers and compliance specialists. They work as an extension of in-house teams on complex projects and/or manage entire legal and compliance functions on a permanent basis.

Through innovative delivery models and an execution-focused approach, we enable corporations to leverage technology and develop flexible legal and compliance functions with no or little fixed costs whilst delivering high-quality, actionable legal advice to their internal clients.

We design tailored, agile, cutting-edge solutions for high-value legal work and focus on executing them properly to deliver measurable business impact to our clients through revenue acceleration, risk mitigation and cost-reduction.

What we do.

Solution 01

Law department consulting

How we work

We design innovative solutions to help in-house law departments optimize their resources and achieve their business objectives. We help them streamline their operating models, leverage the right technologies and execute change management initiatives. We help them see through their legacy structures and design bold new visions to deliver legal services to their internal clients in a reliable, cost-effective and efficient way.

Solution 02

Law-as-a-Service (LaaS)

How we work

We take over permanent legal or compliance functions and manage them based on Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to deliver consistent, reliable outcomes to their clients. Our teams usually include a mix of new hires and former client staff transferred to us. We deploy our unique blend of technology, process and management expertise to boost these teams and achieve better outcomes than with internal teams.

Solution 03


How we work

We combine technology, legal and project management expertise to address the most difficult and largest projects of our clients. We leverage our deep knowledge of available tools, multi-shore capabilities and global reach to deliver timely and cost-effective outcomes.

Solution 04

Shared services centers

How we work

We are specialists in building shared legal and compliance services centers for large organizations. We leverage multi-shore expertise to provide consistent, reliable services to multiple divisions and/or geographies whilst delivering significant economies of scale and measurable quality improvements.

Solution 05


How we work

We build and operate legal and compliance teams on behalf of clients and transfer them to the client after a period of time. This unique model allows companies to grow their legal and compliance functions flexibly and to rely on our expertise to develop state-of-the-art processes and management before they take over the team.

Solution 06

International teams

How we work

We are experts in managing global legal and compliance teams across time zones and geographies. We provide coherence, stability and a sense of purpose to staff disseminated across the world, whilst implementing our usual blend of technology, process improvement and management excellence to deliver high-quality, reliable outcomes to their clients.