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Quick guide to New Law speak


Struggling with New Law jargon? Here’s a handy guide to the most common terms used today.

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Legal work can’t be automated, right?

It often seems like legal work is just too complex to streamline.

That doesn’t mean that nothing should be done to make delivery of legal work more efficient. Some legal work is simple enough to automate. All legal work can benefit from optimization.

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Managing a legal project.

For the megaprojects we tackle, we use a dedicated project management software and follow the PMI method to a T.

But there are three simple steps anyone can follow for simpler projects. Here is my advice for a project management novice getting started on a basic legal project.

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Defining Managed Legal Services.

Legal services come in many shapes and forms; traditional law firms, the Big 4, legal software providers and the “Alternative Legal Service Providers” or “ALSPs”, including Managed Legal Service providers.

Although traditional law firms still hold on to the biggest chunk in the market, the “alternative” providers are gaining ground due to their business model focused on bringing maximum value to the client.

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Kalexius strengthens leadership team with BT senior hire Neil Willson.

Neil Willson has joined managed legal services provider Kalexius as Head of Consulting, overseeing client-side consulting and new solutions.

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Legaltech news | Usage Data Sharing.

Is legal tech reluctance to share usage data hampering adoption?

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Law Society Gazette | Alternative Legal Services Providers.

Excited by the business of law rather than black letter law? Then go and work for an ASLP. Katharine Freeland reports.

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Kalexius ranked among top ALSPs by Chambers & Partners.

Kalexius has been recognized as a premier managed legal service provider in the latest Chambers and Partners rankings.

Chambers’ research highlights that “today’s clients are increasingly turning to more boutique platforms such as […] Kalexius” for high-value and high-volume work.

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We focus on fundamentals to help you navigate the IBOR transition.

No need for flourish or complex consortiums. What you do need is a high-functioning team of people with an in-depth understanding of repaperings, the right process in place and ready-to-use tech, all under one roof. Kalexius is your one-stop shop for robust, no-nonsense repapering programs. Let’s talk.

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We remain fully operational and ready to help.

We have specific expertise in contract reviews, restructuring and managing complex projects involving local counsel across multiple jurisdictions. Our multi shore teams work remotely, providing cost-effective and flexible solutions to address the challenges of the current situation.

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Effective alternative to off-payroll resources (IR35).

Legal teams face the risk of being exceedingly understaffed with IR35.

What if you did not have to choose between hiring and letting go?

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