Kalexius implements its process-driven, tech-intensive strategies to deliver best-in-class contracting and contract management services.

We assist corporations in drafting and managing their contracts throughout the contractual lifecycle.

Contract Discovery.

Our delivery teams are experts in locating, digitizing and summarizing key legal terms in legacy contracts. Our unique abstraction strategy delivers comprehensive, reliable and actionable data and provides corporations with a perfect grasp of their contractual obligations.

Contract Lifecycle Management.

Kalexius operates end-to-end solutions covering the entire contractual lifecycle:


  • Template management
  • Contract drafting and review
  • Negotiation & execution support

Contract management

  • Post-execution management of contracts with a view to maximizing financial and operational performance
  • Contract administration (monitoring and updating contract management systems, providing ongoing intelligence on contractual obligations and reporting on actionable trends, managing renewals and terminations)

Our expertise

Our teams can act on all major types of commercial contracts. They deliver faster, cost-efficient and reliable outcomes to key stakeholders throughout global corporations.


Case study 1.

Repapering 2000+ vendor agreements within a short period of time to reflect changes in a corporate structure.

How we solved it


  • The client needed to repaper 2000+ vendor agreements within a short period of time to reflect changes in its corporate structure. The repapering exercise was expected to give rise to multiple renegotiation/update requests beyond the entity change.


  • Kalexius deployed an onshore team of lawyers supported by project management consultants and offshore delivery support coordinators. We devised a playbook and procedures focusing on ensuring quality while minimizing full renegotiation requests.


  • 80% agreements were repapered within the deadline, with the remainder being held up mostly by commercial/admin issues beyond our client’s control.
  • Full or partial renegotiation requests were kept below 20%.

Key success factors

  • Kalexius was given full control over the negotiation process, subject to final approval and escalation mechanisms in relation to high business impact issues.
  • The client allowed us to work from our systems and deploy our proprietary project management systems to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency.
  • We deployed our solid, practical approach to our legal project management, avoiding over-engineering and keeping closely to our lawyers’ actual needs and understanding of project management.