Commercial contracts

Kalexius provides comprehensive commercial contracts management services to corporations to support them in a variety of scenarios and across different industries.

Our teams support in-house legal departments by drafting, negotiating and managing contracts.

Kalexius helps reduce the pressure on in-house legal departments from a workload perspective thanks to tailored solutions; we deliver high-quality work in a more cost-effective fashion than instructing law firms. We offer these services across both sales side and procurement side contracts.

Where required by the client, Kalexius offers full contract lifecycle management.

Case studies

The client needed to repaper 2000+ vendor agreements within a short period of time to reflect changes in its corporate structure. Given the context, the repapering exercise was expected to give rise to multiple renegotiation/update requests beyond the entity change.


Kalexius deployed an onshore team of lawyers supported by project management consultants and offshore delivery support coordinators. We devised a playbook and procedures focusing on ensuring quality while minimizing full contract renegotiation requests.


80% agreements were repapered within the deadline, with the remainder being held up mostly by commercial/admin issues beyond our client’s control.

Full or partial renegotiation requests were kept below 20%.


Kalexius was given full control over the contract negotiation process. This was subject to final approval and escalation mechanisms in relation to high business impact issues.

The client allowed us to work from our systems and deploy our proprietary project management systems in order to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency.

We deployed our solid, practical approach to our legal project management. As a result, we avoided over-engineering and kept closely to our lawyers’ actual needs and understanding of project management.

The client, a major player in the agri-food industry, was looking for extra resources to negotiate its sell and buy-side terms and conditions. Because the work was seasonal (October through May), hiring in-house made no sense. The work was being done by the existing in-house team who struggled to get the contracts ready in time. As a result, the business was unhappy about the lengthy contractual process.


Kalexius set up an offshore contract negotiation team supervised by an onshore lawyer. The solution was supported by an online contracts platform where the client could upload incoming agreements, track their progress and download the final versions.


We created metrics and made the contract negotiation cycle measurable, cost-effective and reliable, therefore taking pressure off the client's shoulders.


Kalexius drafted precise playbooks and training materials to enable the offshore team to manage most of the contract negotiation process. Thanks to this setup, the offshore team gained enough experience to manage the process with minimal supervision by onshore lawyers.

Through the online contracts platform, the client could visualize progress of all ongoing negotiations and intervene to change priorities or give additional instructions for specific counterparties.

Kalexius’ quality control program ensures consistent and reliable outcomes from year to year. Simultaneously, continuous improvement efforts have allowed the team to reduce contract cycle time further every year.

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