Be hyperfocused in 2021

Hoping to get more done? Here's how to do it.

Eliminate distractions

>> Disable notifications from all apps that you can – mute conversations and chats.

>> Unsubscribe! You should only get important mail in your inbox. If you can’t unsubscribe, create rules to redirect irrelevant e-mail to folders you’ll look at later on (or not..).

>> Decline meetings if you do not really need to be at them.

Eat the frog

>> Tackle the hardest or most uncomfortable task first thing in the morning. Otherwise you’ll end up procrastinating the whole day to avoid tackling it.

Set daily goals in your calendar

>> Choose no more than 3 major tasks to accomplish each day – block out time for each in your calendar. Leave 1-2 hours free each day for e-mails and reactive work.

Empty your brain

>> Inbox zero – just Google it – means you archive e-mails when they require no more action from you. You only need one folder – called Done. Your e-mail inbox then becomes a to-do list because it only contains e-mail you have to act upon.

>> Keep your calendar up to date for both work and private appointments so you don’t need to keep them in your head

>> Keep lists for things to do, ideas and other stuff that’s filling up your brain

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